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Holiday Wish Lists
Wish Lists come to!
Using the new book search (see below), you can add books you want to your Wish List–and then email it to friends and family. Already a member of the Community? Your Wish List page will include a list of bookstores you are a fan of, so you can ask for gifts and support your favorite indie bookstore, all at the same time. Make sure we’re on your list of favorite bookstores!

Learn how to make your own Wish List.


Full Book Search
Search millions of books and at the same time.
Now, when you search on, you’ll receive two sets of results: books that match your search, and results from the IndieBound Community. Included with each book is a link to purchase it online from an independent store. Just use the search in the upper right corner of the site. Each book result will give you the option of purchasing the book from a local indie bookstore!

Coming soon! Holiday e-cards
Share indie greetings with friends & family.
Animated e-cards are on their way to over the next couple of weeks. Send an indie greeting to someone you love–and remind them to shop local this holiday season. We’ll be sending these out, too, so watch your inbox!

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You can make a Wish List, support your favorite stores (like us!), share indie retailers near you, and make friends with other indie fans. It’s quick and easy to sign up. Just visit to get started.

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The New York Times Explores Why We Read

Always interested in articles up our alley, we stumbled across ‘A Good Mystery’ in the New York Times, an article by Motoko Rich, written in November of last year. I’m not sure if readers have changed much since then, so it’s good to take a look at it again. To read the entire article, follow this link. Otherwise, enjoy the exerpt below

And what is it, exactly, that turns someone into a book lover who keeps coming back for more?

There is no empirical answer. If there were, more books would sell as well as the “Harry Potter” series or “The Da Vinci Code.” The gestation of a true, committed reader is in some ways a magical process, shaped in part by external forces but also by a spark within the imagination. Having parents who read a lot helps, but is no guarantee. Devoted teachers and librarians can also be influential. But despite the proliferation of book groups and literary blogs, reading is ultimately a private act. “Why people read what they read is a great unknown and personal thing,” said Sara Nelson, editor in chief of the trade magazine Publishers Weekly.

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