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Inaugural Poster & Peace and Human Rights Poster

These beautiful posters were made with Artist Trading Cards created by the children at New City  School in Long Beach, CA. The New City School is a small public charter school, serving children in downtown Long Beach and its surrounding areas. It is a Spanish-English Dual Immersion program that focuses on social justice and community activism. The money raised from the sale of these posters will help build a much needed playground for our children. We are raising $7,500 in matching money in order to qualify for a generous grant. Your purchase not only marks a historic occasion, but also helps children surrounded by concrete have a beautiful place to play. Please consider buying these as gifts.

obama-posterThis Inaugural poster was designed from Artist Trading Cards, small pieces of art traded between people, encouraging creativity and an appreciation of artistic expression. After watching President Obama’s Inaugural speech on T.V. , the students of New City School  (aged 5 to 10) were asked to create Artist Trading Cards to show their feelings and thoughts about what they had witnessed. This poster celebrates not only a moment in our country’s history, but it also illustrates the limitless power of optimism and imagination. A copy of the poster was sent to President Obama,  along with some of the trading cards. The students are hoping that Saha and Malia will send them some in return!


The Peace and Human Right Night Poster was also designed from Artist Trading Cards. Each year in December, The New City School commemorates the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights. This year we asked our middle school students to create Artist Trading Cards on the ideas if Peace and Human Rights. They were displayed during the evening’s  celebration.  The adults in the room were so moved by their sincere messages of hope and compassion. We could only fit 50 of the cards in this poster, but we hope you will be moved as well.

These posters are on display and for sale at Once Upon a Story….

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Dogs in the Window

Local Artist Exhibition

Once Upon a Story is hosting local artist J. Howell “Dogs in the Window.”  From July 11- 27.

J. Howell is a school counselor by profession. He utilizes art as one tool to connect and motivate students socially, emotionally and academically.

In Creating “Dogs in the Window” series he uses mixed media to capture the moments when we look upon our pets with the fondest of memories and tenderness of thought. His work captures the essence of the breed through slight characterization, attention to line, shade and lavish color.

J. Howell’s works include fine art, murals and caricatures. He looks forward to capturing the essence of your four legged family member

$5 from each sale will be donated to Hearts for Hounds www.HeartsForHounds .com

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