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Rob Dougherty posted an announcement to the cause Independent Book Sellers.

There is no good news from the economic front for 2009 and to be quite honest, this has us and I am sure, many other indie book shops rather nervous. OK, here are a few things that you can do to help indies stay string.

It is up to us to make this economy strong. Do you really think that the media outlets are going to be honest and risk pissing off their major advertisers by saying that shopping local will boost our economy? The cynic that I am thinks not. Keeping your local community strong begins with keeping your money where your house is.

Want to keep your taxes lower? Shop local. Want your schools better funded? Shop local. Want your kids to grow-up in a unique and special place? Shop local. Want your police force staffed and prepared? Shop local. Want a cool place to hang out at that is unique and just yours? Shop local.

Starting a grass-roots effort can begin today.

1. Remember that the money you spend in an indie stays

2. Avoid using credit cards and pay cash or use your debit
card. The fees associated with credit cards are really
painful for indie shops.

3. When making a decision to buy at a box-store, pause
before you purchase and ask yourself if the item can be
bought local.

4. Gather a few friends and walk along Main Street. Be

5. Stay out of chain-restaurants. Most are owned by over-
seas entities and contribute nothing to your community.
Eat local.

6. I could go on and on and on

Please share this with someone and lets get this movement started!!!!



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