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Author Appearance – Ghost Files – The Haunting Truth

Once Upon a Story…. Presents

Authors Eugene Yelchin & Mary Kuryla creative husband and wife team

Featuring their book Ghost Files: The Haunting Truth

Sunday, November 2nd at 6:00PM

You are in for a good time with this performance. To get an Idea of what to expect take a look at this video

Ghost Files: The Haunting Truth, by the illustrious (fictional) Ghost
Society is a really fun, interactive book about the paranormal.

Ghost Files is made up of single and double-page spreads dedicated
to the basics of the paranormal–ectoplasm, poltergeists, doppelgangers,
you name it–and “true” stories about supposedly haunted places.
In one double-page spread, the Ghost Society tackles the story of
Glamis Castle, a very real attraction in Scotland, and its haunted history. A beautiful black and white illustration of the castle inhabits the center of the page, with pull tabs lined up along each side. As you read down the page you pull out a tab to read more juicy tidbits about the tragedies of Glamis Castle.
Whether it’s moving pieces of the page, odd fold-outs or a captain’s log attached to the page, it’s a really beautifully constructed book full of surprises. One of my favorite parts was an attached envelope on the last
page from the Harper Collins “editors” explaining how the mysterious book came to their office and their attempts to track down the Ghost Society turned up a “dead end”–a derelict building and no living society members.

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Pinocchio – Live Performance

International City Theatre – Saturday Family Theatre Series – Free!

Saturday, November 1st at 11:00AM

Will and Company performs PINOCCHIO


Based on the Italian classic by Carlo Collodi, a wooden puppet named Pinocchio learns valuable lessions about kindness, courage and honesty.

Long Beach Perfroming Arts Center

300 East Ocean Blvd. , Long Beach

Please call Shelia Lee for reservation or information 562-495-4595 Ext. 10

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Prop 10

Dear Californian,

I’ve said on several occasions that neither major Presidential candidate has an energy plan that will cut our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.  But in California voters can choose a plan that can make a real difference:  Proposition 10.  You can learn more by visiting

Proposition 10 will help the Golden State slash dependence on foreign oil by using consumer rebates to promote the use of domestic alternative transportation fuels.  Studies show Proposition 10 would displace 75 million gallons of gasoline per year and 648 million gallons of diesel.

It will save consumers $3.2 billion per year – bolstering the state economy by keeping more money in California instead of sending it overseas.

We’re going to stay on the politicians until Washington acts, but you can do something today by voting Yes on Proposition 10.

If you support these efforts, I’d encourage you to forward this email to five of your friends.

T. Boone Pickens

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We Love Long Beach Book Club

We Love Long Beach has a book club! Guess where you can get the book?

Check out this great community organization “We Love Long Beach”

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Author/Illustrator Matt Whitlock this Sunday

Matt Whitlock currently an artist for Nickelodeon TV show, “The Fairly Odd Parents.” Former Disney artist, part-time author/illustrator, full-time pop-culture junkie will be at OnceUpon a Story Sunday, October 26th at 2:00PM

Matt will talk about his book Punk’nPatch and give a drawing demonstration.

Learn more about Matt here


see all his books here

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Alive Theatre Presents Grimm’s Fairy Tales

A journey through


A Children’s Show

Directed by Andrew Eiden & Scott Lennard

Grimm’s Fairy Tales is Alive Theatre's newest project, a children’s show that will re-invent five of the classic childhood fairy tales. From The White Snake, The Traveling Musicians and Briar Rose to The Fisherman & His Wife and King Grizzly Beard each of these stories is universal, transcending time and cultures to provide an entertaining way to teach morals to children. Greed, honesty, companionship, trust and love are some of the issues brought to the forefront in these highly entertaining adaptations.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales will be an ensemble-driven play with actors sharing five of the most engaging tales in 50 minutes. The presentation will be highly interactive, with the audience playing an important role in the show; some lucky audience members even get a chance to act on stage! Grimm’s Fairy Tales will be filled with song and dance, masks, puppets, movement and folklore guaranteed to stir the soul.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Opens Saturday, October 18 and closes Saturday, October 25. Shows begin at 2 PM. Performances are on Saturdays only @ Long Beach Main Public Library Auditorium. Following the run at the library Alive Theatre will take the show to schools and clubs throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County.

***Come play with us in***

Grimm’s Fairy Tales:

A Children’s Show***

When: Saturday, October 18 @ 2PM

Saturday, October 25 @ 2PM

Where: Long Beach Main Public Library Auditorium

101 Pacific Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90802

Tickets: $9 Adults

$7 Children, Students and Seniors

$5 Groups of 10-29

$4 Groups of 30-49

$3 Groups of 50+

In Brief: Grimm’s Fairy Tales will enchant its audience with enough masks, puppets, movement, song and dance to stir the soul.

Produced by Alive Theatre

Additional information available at our website:

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Octavian Something

With the second volume of M. T. Anderson’s Octavian books due out this month, it seems an appropriate time to revisit volume one. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation: The Pox Party is one of the most brilliant and unusual books I have read. I throw praise around like criticism, but this time I really mean it. Anderson did something wholly unique with this book, and we should anticipate nothing less with it’s sequel. But let’s  not get carried away with a book we haven’t seen yet. If you haven’t read the first one, allow me to tell you a bit about it.

The novel tells the story of young Octavian, a boy raised with his mother in a house of philosophers and scientists in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid-18th century. Need a history refresher? Yes, that’s about the time of the American Revolution. In the midst of the turmoil of early American activity – tar and feathering, protesting, smashing windows – Octavian’s world is remarkably isolated. He doesn’t question the unusual arrangement of his living situation any more than he questions his precisely measured food portions, his well-documented classical education, or the ritual weighing of his feces. Not at first. But he has not been raised by scientists for nothing, and it does not take long for him to realize that the common habits of his life are eerily out of sync with the world outside.

Initially, this book seems to read as a sort of historical fantasy, a grotesque representation of an era otherwise familiar to the traditionally educated American. As the pages turn, the realization that this is no fantasy at all only serves to make the story seem all the more bizarre and unsettling. But don’t let the word ‘unsettling’ turn you off. You will not regret a single minute between these covers. The characters are precise and compelling. The narrative shoots you along with ever-growing curiosity and concern. You have not read anything like it before. You will not find anything like it again. Unless, of course, it’s the second volume, The Kingdom on the Waves. You have less than two weeks to pick up a copy of volume one before the second hits the store. So get a move on.

Review by Molly Lewis

Buy the books here!

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